Monthly Archives: June 2008

Mary & Tyson – Sebastopol Wedding

This was such a beautiful wedding way up in Sebastopol.  For those who don’t know where that is, it’s way up north near Santa Rosa.  I love how intimate and simple their wedding was.  The weather was perfect and the lighting was unreal.  They were surrounded by their closest family and friends and were able […]

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Best Buds

There’s nothing more special than a photograph of sibblings together.  Growing up with 3 sisters, I now realize how much I cherish the few photos we’ve taken together as kids.  In the case with the photo below, I had 2 very active brothers who initially did not want to be photographed.  Actually I take that […]

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Tram & Pedro | San Jose Wedding @ Dynasty Restaurant

Thank you for the fabulous belly ache Tram & Pedro!  It is clear you both share the exact same chemistry and sense of humor.  I can’t thank you your family enough for the amazing hospitality throughout the day.  I think someone tried to feed me at least every 15 minutes. […]

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